Northumberland Fishing

Any visitors of Northumberland are in the perfect spot to have an amazing fishing experience. Not only does Northumberland have a plethora of wonderful accommodation, restaurants and pubs, it is also home to some of the best rivers and lakes for fishing.

The very best in fishing is how lots of anglers describe the endless opportunities to catch fish in Northumberland. Local people, and thousands of visitors to Northumberland, have many rivers, still waters and an inspirational coastline to explore. The mighty River Tweed forms much of the northern border and is arguably the best Atlantic salmon River in Britain.

This river and its tributaries offer the angler world famous beats and Salmon pools to fish. The Tweed also holds excellent numbers of Sea Trout, Wild Brown Trout and Grayling. This river is classed as a Scottish river and has a different set of rules to the other Northumbrian and English rivers.

Northumberland's southern boundary is etched out by the River Tyne. This is the premier English Salmon river as well as offering permits for course fishing. The Tyne has its good tributaries too, but the North and South Tyne offer an excellent chance to catch the Salmon, especially as the Kielder hatchery releases millions of small salmon into the system every year.

Between the two mighty rivers are other notable rivers such as the Coquet, Aln, Till, Blyth and the Wansbeck. Fishing is readily available on these rivers too. Stillwater trout fishing attracts many locals and holiday makers. Northumberland has many stillwaters stocked with Rainbows, Browns and Blue Trout up to 20lbs.

There are massive reservoirs like Kielder with its twenty plus miles of bank fishing as well as its fleet of boats. At the other end of the scale there are also some small stillwaters of two and three acres. Northumberland has a varied selection of stillwaters and Trout anglers can find them within easy reach scattered throughout the county.

Another advantage of the 'Trout' stillwaters is that some of them remain open throughout the year. While others encourage the course, Pike angler to try their luck during the winter months. The QE2 Lake, the Queen Elizabeth Lake, just outside Ashington attracts the course fishing enthusiast and has many species of fish including the predatory Pike.

The North Sea has produced a spectacular coastline with some fantastic beaches and rugged cliffs. Druridge Bay, Alnmouth Bay, Newton and Beadnell Bays, to name only a few, attract many summer anglers for Bass, Plaice and Mackerel. The Cliffs at Cullernose Point and Newbiggin by the Sea allied to large expanses of rocks at Craster, Amble, Hauxley and Cresswell offer a totally different type of sea fishing and quarry.

Charter boats take visitors off shore only the hard ground or wreck fishing can be found at many of the small ideal ports including Berwick, Seahouses, Craster, Amble and Blyth. The piers at Amble, Craster, Cullercoats and Blyth produce a wide variety of fish during the summer months. Bait and tackle can be sourced from any number of fishing tackle shops that can be found in most of the towns along this beautiful coastline.

At the end of the day Northumberland offers visitors a wide variety of first class accommodation and hostelries to either celebrate their catch or drown your sorrows for 'the one that got away'. No matter what type of fishing anyone prefers, Northumberland has it 'in acres' and the friendliness of the locals will make a fishing holiday in this county a memorable one, and it will draw you back year after year.